When you purchase your columbarium, you will be provided with an etching order form, two extra granite doors, and a re-usable shipping box specifically designed for your granite doors.

Once your family has purchased a niche space and is ready for the door to be engraved, you can instruct them to complete the provided etching order form and email the form to etch@batesvillecolumbarium.com. Our design team will contact them within 48 hours to discuss their design, then we will email design proofs for their approval.


Once your family has approved the design, we will ask you to mail one of the extra granite doors in the provided re-usable shipping box to Batesville Columbarium at 464 N Township Line Rd, Batesville, IN 47006.


We will etch the door, ship it back to you, and then you can exchange it with the existing door already attached to the purchased niche space. Please see the opening and closing instructions in your operating manual for reference. Once complete, you will still have two extra doors and one re-usable shipping box for future use.